Pianist, composer, arranger & music producer

Rosario plays piano and loves drums and rhythm in general.
His music is a synthesis of jazz sounds, prog-rock elements and cinematic sound textures, as well as classical melodies and counterpoints …

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I look at the world with the curious eyes of a child, without judging and remaining true to myself. Forever.

rosario di leo


Recent Albums

"[...] this directional instability precisely constitutes the charm of Homotempus, which is based on a dynamic punctuation and on the transparent technique of all musicians, committed to gathering in a plurality of ideas certainly out of the ordinary."




Riccardo Talamazzi
Off Topic

"I would like to remark the absolute dedication to a linear and passionate musical thought [...] All Rosario's compositions highlight his own musical ideas always free from any cliché."

Fabrizio Ciccarelli

"Come fosse magia, maybe the best chapter among the many treasures of an album [Overboard] that knows how to bring distant worlds together with unusual grace".

Manuel Maverna
TheBumps records
"Distant worlds and different genres
In the Sicilian pianist and composer’s new album
Out now on Auand Records"
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