Music and all sound are one of the main actors of the reality around us. They contextualize, fill, they color the spaces and reflect moods. They communicate.
This is what also happens in films, in theater and in all those artistic expressions where the soundscape joins an image, an event or a movement.
Sound becomes the soul of what we are looking at and inevitably contributes to reshaping its meaning.

We are born with a cry, we die with a lament. It’s music.
Final curtain.
End of the story.

Find your music

Below is a list of tunes or soundscapes pre-composed by me and inspired by various cinematic contexts. You can choose the track or the mood that best matches your project or ask me to modify it or compose one with similar characteristics.
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(all tracks are protected by copyright in Italy and in the world)

Killer driller (suspence, action, experimental)
Genere: trailer, maintitle, electronic

Hybrid carillon pt.1 (madness, fear, transformer)
Genere: dark ambient, horror, cinemat

Hybrid carillon pt.2 (contemplative, big space, hopeful)
Genere: synthesizer, electronic, ambient

Hybrid carillon pt.4 (peaceful, sadness, romanticism)
Genere: ambient, newage, soundscape

Skore (powerful, action, motivational)
Genere: advertising, videogame, trailer

Odore di campagna (emotional, sadness, romanticism)
Genere: piano, neoclassical, neoromantic

Natural as it comes (sentimental, dream, romanticism)
Genere: piano, neoclassical, neoromantic

Life in the abyss (peaceful, meditative, exploration)
Genere: documentary, soundscape, newage

Total caos (mistery, scarie, evocative)
Genere: Thriller, horror, cinematic

Fantasie su Antonia pt.1 (edit Antonio Zambrini’song)
Genere: Synthesizer, progressive, choral

Fantasie su Antonia pt.2 (edit Antonio Zambrini’song)
Genere: Electronic, choral, darkambient

Oriental way (tribal, ritual, ethno)
Genere: world, percussion, tribal