Pianist, composer, arranger & musicologist

Rosario plays piano and loves drums and rhythm in general.
His music is a synthesis of jazz sounds, prog-rock elements and cinematic sound textures, as well as classical melodies and counterpoints …

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I look at the world with the curious eyes of a child, without judging and remaining true to myself. Forever.

rosario di leo


Recent Albums

"This record [Overboard] has the same musicality and poetry that comes from looking spontaneously at the infinity of the horizon."

Flavio Caprera
Jazz convention

"I would like to remark the absolute dedication to a linear and passionate musical thought [...] All Rosario's compositions highlight his own musical ideas always free from any cliché."

Fabrizio Ciccarelli

"Come fosse magia, maybe the best chapter among the many treasures of an album [Overboard] that knows how to bring distant worlds together with unusual grace".

Manuel Maverna
TheBumps records